Table of Contents



Week 2: Appreciation for the process of thinking

Segment 1: Stuff of Thought

Segment 2: Qualities of Thought

Segment 3: Process of Thought

Status: Live
Live Date: 8/13/16

Week 3: identify and solve the problems

Segment 1: Defining Problems

Segment 2: Type of Problems

Segment 3: Power of Questions

Status: Live
Live Date: 8/20/16

Week 4: Separate myths from facts 

Segment 1: Distinguished Opinions and Fact

Segment 2: How to Identify Fact and Opinions in Writing and Research

Segment 3: Source Of Information

Segment 4: Critical Thinking


Status: Closed for Revision
Revision Date: 8/24/16
Live Date: 8/27/16

Week 5: Tools for creative thinking

Segment 1: Creative Thinking

Segment 2: Tony Buzan Mind Mapping Tutorial

Segment 3: 6 Thinking Hats

Status: Open for Revision
Revision Date: 8/31/16
Live Date: 9/3/16

Week 6: ...


Status: Open for Revision
Revision Date: 9/10/16
Live Date: 9/13/16